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Autonomous Sales Management @ Vodafone Idea Ltd

Oct 1, 2019 | Enterprise, GreneOS, Insights

The Evolution of Consumer Expectations

Amazon is arguably one of the most influential businesses on consumer behaviour. One of the most significant changes that Amazon has had on consumer expectations is related to the availability and shorter delivery time of products online. This, coupled with customer service that truly puts the customer first, has changed supply chain management significantly.
To satisfy such consumer expectations in the enterprise world, all enterprise resources need to be connected in real time, operate on a real time workflow and be managed by AI that can take smart decisions without human intervention.

Grene Robotics is working with India’s second largest tele communication service provider to complete an order process autonomously from PO to WO.

The order management process starts from when a customer places an order, to keeping track of that order until it is fulfilled.
The End Goals
  • Zero touch customer ordering and support 80% of customers

  • AI automated resource & workforce planning for order fulfilment

  • RPA enabled order processing for instant results

  • Customer app with a conversational interface to easy order tracking

  • 50% reduction in sales / account managers time

  • AI to respond to 80% of customer requests without human intervention

  • AI to predict the turn around time for any order with continues communication to all stakeholders

 The Key Stakeholders & Resources
  • The Customer
  • Sales / Account Manager Team
  • Feasibility / Inspection Team
  • Solution / Product Team
  • Order Processing Team
  • Accounting Team
  • Customer Service Team
The Challenges
  • No end to end visibility for order management
  • No follow up
  • No Real Time Updates
  • No Prediction on completion time
  • No statistics on turn around time
  • No real time visibility to the customer
  • No instant gratification to customer

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