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Autonomous Defence Dome for Wide Aerial Protection

Dec 10, 2020 | Defense, Insights

Autonomous Drone Defence Dome (AD3)

A powerful Anti-Drone Dome that fortifies a large area / city against drones and drone swarms.

C4ISRT platform

A singular backbone that allows seamless connectivity and interoperability between diverse EM systems ranging from Radar, Optical, Discrete, EW and Several platforms including Aircraft Mission Computers , UAV platforms, Swarms and weapon systems of all classes. The platform has been curated by over 25 years of integration expertise in C$ISRT. The platform has witnessed several Mission Critical Operational Deployments and provides the most comprehensive interoperability environment between systems military. At the current juncture, several major deployments are being planned for implementation over this platform.


A comprehensive 3-dimensional GIS based Display System for all use cases of C4ISRT. Some of the representative models include aircraft fly throughs, radar detections, imagery analysis, weapon deployments, Gap Analysis, targeting information, change detection, RF propagation models, weapon engagement envelopes, radar capabilities, deployment analysis and planning.

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The Zero Touch Customer Experience using GreneOS

→ InsightsIts about time that enterprises are shifting from Sales to Customer Experience. There is a paradigm shift from physical to virtual - thanks to Covid19. Customer Expectation is changed forever Anywhere 24/7 Real Time Autonomous GreneOS it a ready AI platform...

DefOS powered Anti Drone Weapon protects Red Fort

→ InsightsDef OS platform powers the Anti UAV / Anti Drone system for CHESS / DRDO Lab's laser weapon. The AUAV solution is built on the Grene DefOS platform and integrates Radars, Electro-Optics, ESM systems, third party Weapon systems as well as Jammers. The highly...

Autonomous Navigation of UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle)

→ InsightsDefOS Auto Navigation suite comprises the full stack of ROS, SLAM and AI. The ARNS straddles, kinematic characterisation of the robotic vehicle, Kalman filters for guidance navigation, odometry, visual odometry, sensor integration, SLAM navigation,...